"that house"

Translation:kēlā hale

October 18, 2018

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How do you add the Hawaiian keyboard? I'm not able to change it to get the Hawaiian accents.


There are Hawaiian keyboards built into the Windows, OS X (on your Mac computer) and iOS (mobile phone) operating systems. You can also download a Hawaiian Keyboard for your Android phone from the Google Play store. Try Gboard, the free Google Keyboard, which supports many languages, including Hawaiian.


Some more info for setup: https://support.google.com/gboard/answer/6380730?visit_id=637454087436159560-2744912176&rd=1#languages


Aloha. I think an easy way to remember the difference in kēnā, kēlā, and kēia is "N" for near, "L" for long distance, and "I" for I/me. Am I correct in assuming this?


I think "kēnā hale" should be accepted as a right answer as well.


Mahalo for catching this! "Kēlā" and "kēnā" can both be translated as "that". The appropriateness of one or the other usually depends on the spacial context. "Kēnā hale" would be a house close to the person you are speaking to (the listener), while "kēlā hale" would be a house that is not close to either of you. "Kēia hale" would refer to a house that is close to you, the speaker. "Kēnā hale" should be accepted as an answer soon.

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