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  5. "No Molokaʻi koʻu makua kāne."

"No Molokaʻi koʻu makua kāne."

Translation:My dad is from Molokaʻi.

October 18, 2018



Why there is no" 'o " involved ?


There is no 'o at the beginning of this sentence because it starts with the preposition from which is the word no. There is no 'o before ko'u makua kāne because that is the subject in the middle of the sentence, and it is not a proper name or the pronoun he she ia .


There is no "ʻo" involved because "ʻo" only goes in front of inoa/names.


Why isn't there "aia" at the beginning, as the sentence deals with location?


Good question. "Aia" is used for sentences that express that something is in/on/at a location (or time, or even a person or people).

Example: Aia koʻu makua kāne ma Molokaʻi -> My dad is on Molokaʻi.

But "no" is used when talking about where someone is from.


Is it ok to spell it Molokai? I saw a news piece on PBS Hawaii and a local said it's Molokai not Moloka'i. Is this a debated thing?


There are people who use "Molokai" and there are others who use "Molokaʻi". Both should be accepted by our course. Please let me know if one or the other is not accepted!


Isnt "father" and "Dad" interchangeable! I got the answer wrong because I put Father instead of Dad


Hmmm, both father and dad should be accepted. Could you put your answer in this thread?


Because I'm working on understanding sentence structure, i answered "From Moloka'i is my dad." Marked wrong, but I'm pretty sure that is correct sentence structure for the Hawaiian language. Maybe the "is" actually isn't used. "From Moloka'i my dad."?


You're not wrong, and I agree that the translations "From Molokaʻi is my dad" or "From Molokaʻi my dad" most closely match the Hawaiian word order. I haven't accepted those answers though, because they don't sound like natural English to me. Even Pidgin speakers I know would say "My dad from Molokaʻi" rather than "From Molokaʻi my dad." I'm open to having my mind changed on this though.

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