A link to a brief explanation of Leniting Compound Nouns

I've been studying Irish for about 5 months or so, now, and time to time I read through lessons and explanations about grammar for gender, slender/broad (etc) to try to learn more and improve.

One thing that never quite made sense was adding letters into the middle of a word. Because I didn't know the rules very well, I couldn't describe what I was struggling with well enough to find more help on it when I searched around. So today I was reading more on gender and lenition and found out that what's stumped me has to do with the rules for leniting Compound Nouns:

... [From:]

" ... Compound nouns are words that are made by combining two nouns (for example, in English we take the nouns “light” and “house” and put them together as “lighthouse”).

In Irish, compound nouns always take the gender of the SECOND noun:

Sráid – street (feminine)

Combines with…

Baile – town (masculine)

To become…

Sráidbhaile – village (masculine) ... "

October 18, 2018


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