"My name is Keoki."

Translation:ʻO Keoki koʻu inoa.

October 18, 2018

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Why isn't there reverse correct? 'o ko'u inoa 'o Keoki? I can see why it's not preferred, but it's an ok construction


It is a subtle nuance. Officially, " 'O ko'u inoa 'o Keoki. " would be "Keoki is my name." Is that splitting hairs? Yes, it sure is. Hawaiian is nuanced and fluid. Both really should be accepted, but the best answer is " ʻO Keoki koʻu inoa. " because the subject is usually not first in the sentence for Hawaiian like how it is in English.


Is Ko'u the English equivalent of My In Hawaiian? also you need to use the 'O' if you addressing a person in particular, (by name or title)? sorry if it is rude to ask.


'Ae/ Yes. ko'u is one way to say my. If you are calling a person by his or her name, like Hey Keoki, then you need the word e not 'o before the name - E Keoki!

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Both should be accepted, though. That is all I am saying.


'Ae, pololei 'oe. Yes, you are correct. Both should be accepted. (edit) I just typed the reverse, and it is accepted now.


I'm a beginner — do you need two ʻO s for that sentence? I understand the one before Keoki but why before koʻu?


‘Ae / Yes. In that case two ‘o would be needed for different reasons. The one before Keoki is there because Keoki is a proper name being used as the subject. The second one is there because you cannot start a sentence with a noun alone even with an article or demonstrative or possessive adjective before it. Hawaiian requires a particle, and since ko'u inoa is definite the particle ‘O is needed.


This is just my English speaking mind probably but why is "'O Tawera ko'u inoa" wrong? I also know Māori and there we would say "Ko Tawera toku ingoa" which is literally the same thing just with the changes from te reo to ke 'ōlelo so why doesn't it accept that? Is it not how you say it in Hawaiian?


It shouldn't be wrong. Duolingo most likely said you had a typo cause you forgot to put the apostroph before the "O" ('O).


Having a hard time with kou vs koʻu. Sometimes it says either is a typo, sometimes not. Is there a difference or is it just a beta bug?


I'm pretty sure "ko'u" is "my," and "kou" is "your."


I've been struggling with this! You get a Lingot! Mahalo!!!


when we use ko'u and ka'u?


That is a long story. Ko'u for family you were born with, but ka'u with family you get as an adult (spouse and kids and grandkids etc). ko'u with house and vehicles like canoe or car, but ka'u with things you get, like food or money. That is just to start.

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