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  5. "He lā makani kēia lā."

"He makani kēia lā."

Translation:Today is a windy day.

October 18, 2018



Does anyone know why it would not also be "This is a windy day?" I'm sure it's just something I am missing but this one is giving me some major trouble understanding. Anyone have any ideas?


It is a question of semantics like Margaret's question. This is a windy day? is then He lā makani kēia. instead. The English word Today is two words in Hawaiian - kēia lā - meaning this day.


why is day (lā) needed twice?


a windy day - He lā makani

today - kēia lā (literally this day)

If you dropped the second one, you would technically be saying, This is a windy day.

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