"Today is calm."

Translation:Mālie kēia lā.

October 18, 2018

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Please correct the grammar. Should be "i" kēia lā


from what i saw on another thread, I think it might be because "Today" is the subject in this sentence, so it doesn't need the "i" ?


I got this question wrong and then put in "He lā mālie kēia lā" as instructed was the correct solution. When I did so it told me the answer "Mālie kēia lā." which is what I initally put in.


Could someone please clarify...why is there no "i" before kēia lā in "Mālie kēia lā"?


because in this sentence, "kēia lā" is the subject, like: "This day is calm." Compare with a sentence like, "Pehea ke anilā i kēia lā?" or "How is the weather on this day?" where today ("this day") is not the subject, but extra information at the end about the sentence's location in time.

For me, it helps to think of the phrases as the more literal translations of "this day" and "on this day," instead of just "today" because in English we use the word "today" for both functions without any prepositions or markers. :)


Thanks, Jessi...that is very helpful!

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