[HOWTO]: Different ways for spaced repetition with skill strength viewer (user script and extension)

Quote Hanspersson: Where do I find those to get the kind of spaced repetition that the old system used to have?

As Hugh said it here$comment_id=29297567:
You probably already know this 3rd party link from (cudos to the author!)?

As Duome reads our official extended user profiles the SR/strength values have currently the same limitations (e.g minimum value is 25%) like the nice Python 2016 UI skill bar strength design (R.I.P).

Tampermonkey (or try Violentmonkey) user script:

See Camilo's browser script addon reference list for Opera/Safari:

Basically this user scripts calculates it's own 0-24% skill strength from the official "word strength" 0.0-1.0 value; also shows additionally total DEAD words (0.0...) and dead words count per skill.

Because of the possibility to show a strength value <25% (e.g 0-9%, 10-24%) for selected skills were 25% was the minimum for the one (or two?) skill strength 2016 UI bar design and is still being used as the minimum value by our extended user profiles and listed skill indexes, I like the "strength viewer" user script to REFRESH very weak words in my skill list (or even add new words to it).

The only problem I have is that the "vocabulary overview API" stream, which is being used by this script like the words list, somehow misses 4+ "grammar skills" on
- a) my old EN-PT tree and
- b) on my updated EN-PT tree

See my troubleshooting thread from 2017 and 2018:

My feeling is that staff in the US HQ has (hopefully) touched the old API code in 2018 again as suddenly after June 2018 I sometimes get old dead (0.0.... strength) words reduced and re-added to the words list where they were missing before in the old tree.
Well, it still could need some improvement so it works more reliable.
I still can't bring some grammar skills back, dunno why :(

Quote: Are there extensions to get the kind of spaced repetition that the old system used to have?

This Google Chrome extension was posted in another thread a while ago:

Background / possible Firefox (Quantum) compatibility:

"Chrome addons" might work in newer "Firefox Quantom" versions as they should be compatible to the "Web extensions API", as far as I understand it (I may re-test on another computer the next weeks).

There are additional Firefox addons like "Chrome Store Foxified" where you can search and install extensions from the Chrome store within Firefox.

Be aware: Newer browser extensions are not compatible with the old Firefox classic addon model, like V49.x/V52.9.0esr or below.

[FEATURE REQUEST]: Generic practice (Strenghten skills) button needs added "bottom to top" setting per tree":

Hope I could help a bit.

Any questions?

Best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

October 18, 2018


Oh, btw, another 3 months flew by pretty fast.
I am celebrating today my 700 days streak :-)

I put together some info in my 600 days thread:

I added a new comment to this thread today:$comment_id=29304914

October 18, 2018

Congratulations! 700? I am going on two hundred. Once I have turned my Spanish tree golden and completed the reverse tree, where should I go? I am trying to create a lesson plan for ‘19 for myself. I appreciate your opinion and lessons. They are a true asset to the forum. Your friend , Cat

I tried to send you some lingots for your treasure chest. My phone won’t allow it right now. I will transfer some lingots when I get to the office.

October 18, 2018

thank you great info and congrats! :)

October 20, 2018

Wow. That's almost 2 years!

April 13, 2019

Stylus user script

"Hide 100% strength skills --no more scrolling!" (thread is two years old, created before the "crown update"):$comment_id=29665988

Has anybody used the above user style from DRB?

More difficult grammar (e.g Subjunctives) / Verb tense (crowns) level-up strategy concept

My own lesson strategy concept for 2018 was to to focus on more difficult grammar skills and verb tense skills and only to level them up to crowns L3-L4 levels (right now not L5 because of a huge bug in the system) once I have:

  • 1) reviewed the grammar notes (depending on for how long the skill has not been practiced, how fresh the information is in my brain, how many errors I do in a practice session)

  • 2) first to re-strenghten the skill back to 100% (gold)

  • 3) only then to start new "crown sessions" (lessons) to see more difficult sentences

To apply this concept I actually would have to:

  • A) manually rename skills to "Vocab:", "Verb:" and "Grammar:" (tree design skill names are too confusing in my updated EN->PT tree)
  • B) filter or group skills by category (e.g Verb:) and order by the new name preffix
  • C) display gold (100%) grammar/verb skills or
  • D) filter out ALL (25-75) 100% golden "vocabulary skills"


I am not sure if Camilo's user script "Duolingo Next Lesson" could help to do this or if a Stylus user style (to filter skills based on strength value and to help to rename skill names) would be better for this.

Is anybody using Camilo's "Duolingo Next Lesson" Tampermonkey user script?

Is there maybe any good configuration option for this to also care for a 100% skill strength value for selected grammar/verb skills?

Personally I can't use any "Chrome extensions" or "Firefox Quantum extensions" (newer extensions API) as I am based on Firefox V52.9.0esr (this is fixed for this older system).

The Stylus addon and Tampermonkey are working.

Best regards / Viele Grüße

November 16, 2018

Finally I have added a new comment (re-phrased/improved) in Camilo's "Duolingo Next Lesson" thread:$comment_id=29666271

November 16, 2018

I had previously written about my planned grammar / verb tense crowns level-up strategy review concept in these three threads six months ago:

Text copy from above 2-3 threads

This will be my new strategy for my (forward) EN-PT 1,5 years tree:

  • 1) Only re-golden those (vocabulary) crown L2 skills (75-100% strength) which I have already been practicing daily.

1a) I will be waiting until the "crown test out" feature is finally added which will probably fix what the simple conversion rule broke to move higher (especially true for the 39-44 skills of the first half of the tree) in a crown level hierachy.

1b) usually use the general "Practice / Strengthen skills" with "timed practice" button to save my streak and gain XPs.

  • 2) Review notes and re-golden multiple crown L1/L2 (grammar) skills (100% strength).
  • 3) Level-up grammar skills from crown L2 to crown levels L3-L5 (hopefully to see some more difficult and longer sentences).
  • 4) Re-golden levelled-up L3-L5 (grammar) skills (100% strength) in iterations.

My plan is not to do 3) before 2).

It is easier to do points 2) and 3) if you order all skills on your SHOF progress page by Skill Name.
Use the "Practice" button to do a "Skill strengthen" exercise.

All (16) more difficult grammar / tense skills start with "Verbs:" (also applies to e.g English-Italian tree!).


Point 1) "Crown level test-out" will probably FIX any wrong conversion if SIMPLE rule was used

[Crown conversion BUG] Not a single L3 skill; 39 golden skills wrongly migrated to L2 for 1,5 years old tree (daily practiced):

UPDATE 11/16/2018:
I could not update / improve this text yet because of personal situations in my private life and currently it does not look like that I will be able to do so in the next ~4-5 months. Sorry guys.

November 16, 2018

[FEATURE REQUEST]: Generic practice (Strenghten skills) needs added "bottom to top" setting per tree":

November 20, 2018

The user ToranSharma wrote a new "Chrome extension"

I want to link his new thread "Duo Strength - Chrome extension that adds back individual skill strengths":

January 9, 2019

how does it differ from the other one in terms of functionality?

January 9, 2019

Very good info! Thank you! :-) Another alternative for studying using spaced repetition, would be creating a list/deck of all the skill names and insert it into anki (or memrise I imagine) and then using this app's spaced repetition engine for studying each skill individually. This way, one could have much more control over the way he/she studies the whole tree.

October 19, 2018
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