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"Pehea ke anilā o Kaunakakai i kēia lā?"

Translation:How is Kaunakakai's weather today?

October 18, 2018



"How's Kaunakakai's weather today?" incorrect?


bump this needs to be fixed


Eh shoots cuz you stay study choke language s


How's today's weather in kaunakakia


The ( 's ) is a possessive part of speech in English, It denotes ownership: Kaunakakai's weather / the weather of Kaunakakai.



Principal town on Molokaʻi, also a quadrangle, land division, gulch, harbor, elementary school, and beach park. There are several surfing sites with summer swells on both sides of the harbor.


"How is the weather today in Kaunakakai?" should be accepted.


This section also works on the use of the words o and i such that the weather in Kaunakakai (ke anilā i Kaunakakai) vs. Kaunakakai's weather (ke anilā o Kaunakakai) would be different grammatically but with similar meanings.


Does 'o' kind of function like 'of' in English, or is that going to confuse me later if I think of it like that?


Yes the word o withOUT the ‘okina means of, as does its counterpart a.


Ah thank you, you're right that I wasn't distinguishing it from 'o.. I really appreciate all the time you are putting in to answering questions! I have found you really helpful on questions asked by loads of people, not just me.

I'd just like to apologise, for a question I just asked a few minutes ago - I found you'd answered the same thing (but on another thread) just after I asked. I'm sorry to make you repeat yourself, and I'm not sure how to find or edit comments I make when I'm going through lessons?? I'm going to start waiting to see if I can find an answer on another discussion first, instead of asking the second it occurs to me. Again, I think it's amazing how much time you're putting into helping people with this. Mahalo!


Ka/Ke (thing) O/A (possessor) =The (thing) of (possessor)

Nā (things) O/A (possessor) = The (things) of (possessor)


Mahalo! Is there a helpful rule for when to use a and when to use o? :)



Kino ʻŌ vs Kino ʻĀ ,

Read slides 2 and 3 carefully, then look at slides 4 to 9

(Click on Grammar Link): https://www.slideshare.net/malama777/o-vs-a?next_slideshow=9


I had written "How is the weather for Kaunakakai today?" since I have used this form to ask the question irl without issues. I think it won't take 'for' for 'o' even though it's included in the translation. I suppose there's many more ways to write that in English that would-- understandably-- not have been included. I know I'm right, but being told that I'm wrong by a computer has made me cranky for a second and that's ok lol


This should have been right Eh ....there's more than one way to skin a cat


How is todays weather in Kaunakai" is an accurate translation as well, not inaccurate as it was deemed.


they both convey the same information, just rearranged. However, technically your sentence would look like this -

Pehea ke anilā o kēia lā i Kaunakakai?


Perfect, you answered my question before I asked! XOXO Have a Lingot!


How is kaunakai weather today?


Why Is it saying it's wrong but same answer?


does any one on this post speech pigion it would help you understand more


by the way moloka' is in the kingdom of hawai'i


Eh Wai'anae come hot auready

[deactivated user]

    Can it be translated as: How is today's weather in Kaunakakei?


    Generally, it is just as good to say that. However, they are trying to teach grammar and such. So that meaning does not correspond exactly to the prompt.

    Today's weather would be ke anilā o kēia lā

    in Kaunakakai would be i Kaunakakai

    So that would be Pehea ke anilā o kēia lā i Kaunakakai ?

    I think there is a separate prompt for that question. It is fascinating how they did this section in order to teach the words o and i. Those small words are in part what is making the difference in exact meaning.

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