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What results have you noticed?

Hi guys, I'm pretty new here so sorry if I'm not doing this correctly. I was just wondering: what results have you guys gotten from using Duolingo for Czech? Are you able to hold a conversation, become near fluent, competent in understanding etc and how long did it take you? Dekuji!

October 18, 2018



I've been learning czech for 1 1/2 years attending a czech course each semester at university. Back then I had been waiting impatiantly for the release of the czech course on Duolingo, but I was immediately disappointed, because I had quite some trouble integrating Duolingo in my daily routine, as I wanted to do it before I went to bed around midnight, which often led to me losing my daystreak and ultimately discouring me from continuing this course.

When the mobile version was released, things changed a lot. I was about 1/3 through the tree on level 1 and since I had a lot of free time waiting for the next semester to start, I completed the tree on level 1 in a couple of weeks. And when the next semester started, I integrated duolingo into my bus and tram rides doing about 10 'sessions' a day.

Once I finally completed the tree on level 1, I started making each skill level 5 by 'jumping' through the levels, because, since I took czech courses, they were too easy, until I hit a 'wall' right in the middle between checkpoint 1 and checkpoint 2, where I finally learnt something new again.

I have the whole tree unlocked now and completed about 1/3 of it on level 5. I spend most of my time leveling up new skills instead of reviewing old skills, because I have yet to see a visual indication, that I need to review any. However since the higher levels required typing, the number of sessions went down from 10 to 5, since each session took more time, I could do less sessions each ride. Because of this and the fact, that I prefer typing on a keyboard, I've recently switched back to doing Duolingo on PC and since my daily routine has slightly shifted and my daystreak is high enough to be a really big motivation not to lose it, it's been a successful switch. But I have not increased the number of sessions back to 10 and I don't think that's going to happen in the forseeable future.

Now, a few months ago I did the A2 test for czech and I got the following for reading/writing/speaking/listening: 1.0/1.3/1.7/2.0 (1.0 beeing the best and 5.0 the worst) and while I am satisfied with the results, especially reading and writing, I really don't like that I have so much trouble listening and I don't think that 2.0 really represents my listening skill, tough this is just A2, so I don't know, maybe I am at the point, where I am expected to be.

Given that I know the words that I am reading, I can read pretty fluently. Exceptions, that take longer to understand, are, when things are expressed way differently compared to german or english, or when things get, I don't know, 'weird', maybe? Like "Den je plný ropuch a netopýrů" from 'svatební cesta do Jiljí', which I have yet to understand, what that's supposed to mean. "The day is full of toads and bats", what?!

I'ld say my writing and speaking skills are about equal. I spend the most time figuring out a way to express myself given my vocabulary and knowledge of the czech language. I think the limiting factor here is mainly vocabulary, because I think that the required grammar isn't too hard.

And now to the bane of my skills: listening. Sure, I have trouble distinguishing i/y and sometimes o/u from another, but my main problem really is how fast I can process what I've just heard. I often find myself understanding the first third and then my short-term memory is full, so everything after that? No clue, what they even said in czech. Sure you could ask 'Ještě jednou prosím', but on one hand I feel uncomfortable having to say it like every third sentence or so, which is also a little bit discouraging, and on the other hand in a test where some audio is played it only works to limited effect, since you hear everything again, I find it quite hard to just ignore the part, I already understood, and find the entry point to the part, where I didn't.

In the end I'ld say I would be nowhere near where I am today, wouldn't it be for Duolingo and more importantly for all the contributors of the course (Thank you!) and I wonder if I just need to keep going to get to a level where I am satisfied with my listening skill or if Duolingo just is either not good enough or not the right place to acquire such a skill. Whatever the case, I will continue my journey with Duolingo.


Have you tried CzechPod101 on YouTube? They have listening exercises from absolute beginner to advanced. Once I complete the Duolingo trees for the languages im learning, I’m going to focus more on those. In my experience, it helped me with my Swedish


It is my second week of learning Czech with DuoLingo. I am still very far away from holding any prolonged conversation, but I already can say few words in groshery shops, like "dobrý den" or "děkují" and I start to understand some advertisement in Prague underground :-) I expect to be able to speak a bit with natives in a few months and hopefuly being fluent in a year or so. But I am in a more convinient position than many scholars here, as Ukrainian is one of my native languages and it helps tremendeously.


Just beginning. Seems to be going ok so far.

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