"The fragrance of the flower"

Translation:फूल की ख़ुशबू

October 19, 2018

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Why is there a dot below the ख?


A dot below characters indicates that the word was borrowed from another language and contained a sound that Hindi doesn't historically have. In the word above the sound is a throaty 'k' which is written ق in arabic/persian. Depending on the region people more closely influenced by Arabic/Persian culture would potentially pronounce it the arabic way, but the majority of Indians would probably just pronounce it like a normal ख.


That's exactly correct for this letter (and a few others like फ़ and ज़ (pha and zha), but not for all letters, e.g., ड़ and ढ़). Growing up, we used to call them the Urdu loan letters (because as zeebo7 said, they were Persian influenced sounds)


On further reflection, I realised that the Urdu loan characters have a dot offset to the lower-left always - should be an easy way to spot them out. ख़, ज़, ग़, क़, फ़. Although some fonts might not make that distinction too explicit.


You have the right idea but in the current word (ख़ुशबू) the letter ख़ is not the Arabic/Persian ق (uvular stop) but rather خ (velar or uvular fricative). The former is written क़ in Hindi, as in the word क़लम (meaning "pen").


फूल की सुगंध is the right answer. ख़ुशबू is the urdu word.

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