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"My friend did not come to my home."

Translation:मेरा दोस्त मेरे घर नहीं आया ।

October 19, 2018



What a pity, I made a tasty cake for him. Hope nothing went wrong.


Why mere ghur instead of mera ghur?


I asked the same question and one of the participants explained that when followed by a post position, the noun gets the oblique case. In this sentence we have "to my home" and though "to" is implied, it still changes the case of the noun घर into oblique. Hence, मेरे घर.


Oh that's sad. Did he get kidnapped on the way?


How come not 'mere doste ne'..for past ?


That only happens if the verb is transitive. Though the verbs 'aana' and 'jaana' might look like transitive, with the destination being the direct object. But for all grammatical purposes just pretend that they are intransitive with the destination being an indirect object with the postposition removed. Think of the sentence as, "मेरा दोस्त मेरे घर (में) नहीं आया।" Where the people have stopped saying that 'में'. There is another effect due to this. 'mera ghar' (direct case) has become 'mere ghar' (oblique case). Hope that helps.


How about the translation 'मेरा दोस्त अपना घर नहीं आया' ? And also, Should one use अपने instead of अपना ?


I think अपने would refer to the friend's house rather than to your house. I think it would have to be अपने because there's an implied को after घर. But you need a second opinion because I'm just learning here.


You are completely right.


Mera dost mere ghar nahi aya sounds correct as well....

[deactivated user]

    It's correct


    What is the difference between aaya and aayi


    Why not mere dhosth ne....why not aaye at the end....

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