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Finished the tree

With only eleven lessons, the Navajo course is definitely in very early beta. Requires downloading a third party keyboard and there is still no audio. Lessons are very focused on nouns with only a hint of the rich complexity of Navajo verbs. Developers promise more soon. Still, this is a good start and a good refresher of my Navajo studied many years ago at San Juan College in Farmington. Is Navajo Made Easier still in print?

October 19, 2018



Navajo Made Easier

I laughed at this wording. I'm not sure if anything could make it easy.


Like a book I saw titles "Easy Kanji." Nothing can make the Japanese writing system easy, though one can make it easier. And like the Navajo language, it is a work of art.


It is available for check-out at some local libraries, I'm sure. I believe it is for sale on Amazon too. :D

Derek, the native speaker :)

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