меня vs мой

Hi, I was wondering why we use the word меня in my name is instead of мой, since technically меня means me and мой means my. Thanks

October 19, 2018


My name is Daniele = Моё имя Даниэла
Me (they) call Daniele = Меня (они) зовут Даниэла

October 19, 2018

Спасибо. Some puzzle pieces just fell into place for me. ♥

October 20, 2018

меня зовут - direct translation is (they) call me or I'm being called. As you are being asked Как тебя́ зову́т? - how are you called hope this helps

October 19, 2018

That explains it. Thanks

October 19, 2018

меня is the accusative or genitive form of я

October 23, 2018
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