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  5. "ghaHvaD nuq Dajatlh?"

"ghaHvaD nuq Dajatlh?"

Translation:What did you say to her?

October 19, 2018



I wrote, "What did you speak to him about", which was marked wrong. What would be the Klingonese for what I wrote?

October 19, 2018


There are various ways. Here are a couple.

Suja'chuqtaHvIS ghaH SoH je, nuq bop ja'chuqghach? While you and he were conferring, what was the conversation about?

Soj bopbogh ja'chuqghachraj yIngu' Identify the matter your conversation was about! (You can use Soj food idiomatically to mean subject, matter.)

October 20, 2018


Thank you! I like the second one more - briefer and more poetic...

October 20, 2018
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