"Ich bin kein Verkäufer."

Translation:I am not a seller.

April 2, 2013

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I am not a shop assistant?


Yes, the word ‘Verkäufer’ is commonly used for the position variously called “shop assistant”, “salesperson”, “sales assistant”, or “sales clerk”. Please report it if it's rejected.

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What do you mean by your question?


That was my answer and for my surprise it was not accepted.

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Only now I see that upon hovering over Verkäufer 'sales/shop assistant' is given as a hint. I am going to report this to Julika and hopefully changes will be made.


Can we say "Ich bin nicht ein Verkäufer" ?


"Nicht ein" translates/simplifies to "kein", because you are negating a noun, so you use that instead. Nicht ein will be wrong.


Yeah. One helpful thing to remember is that the indefinite article (ein/eine/einen/einem/etc.) Ia negated by making it kein/keine/keinen/keinem/etc. while the definite article (der/die/das/den/dem/etc.) uses "nicht".

For example, "Ich bin keine Banane" vs. "Ich bin nicht die kleine gelbe Banane"


in german we do not use article for a professon. example ich bin arzt instead of ich bin ein arzt. since verkäufer here cannot have an article it cannot use nicht.


Is Verkäufer gender neutral?


masculine: ‘der Verkäufer’; feminine: ‘die Verkäuferin


Is there any explanation for why "Verkäufer" picks up an umlaut in the noun form? Compare this to other nouns formed from verbs, like Fahrer/fahren.


The only one I can think of is because it is easier to pronunce it with the umlauf


I wrote "I am no seller" and Duo didn't accept it. Isn't it the same idea in german? or is there another, better, way to say my phrase?


Seems like it should be accepted, but it just isn't in the list of accepted answers. You should report it if you see it again.


Still not accepted on the 25th of March 2021.


"I am no seller" should be correct as well. FIX IT!


I said 'the salesperson' and was marked incorrect. Is there some rule that an unspecified article is a/an? I would say "I'm not the salesperson" if someone mistook me for one in a store but I'm not a salesperson to describe myself. This sentence without context seems ambiguous to me.


That would be ‘Ich bin nicht der Verkäufer.’. The negative article ‘kein’=“not a”, like the positive article ‘ein’=“a”, is indefinite.


What about "I am not a retailer?"


I am not a seller is not correct. Correct translation in Duolingo is: I am no seller... why?


Why "i am not seller" is not correct?


You need the article "a".


DL says "I am no seller" and refuses "I am noT seller". Can an english native speaker confirm me what is good and what is root english ? Thanks!


In English, "not" precedes a noun that has an article:

  • I am not a seller.
  • That is not a reason to quit your job.
  • That is not the reason that I quit my job.
  • That is not an apple.

"No" precedes a noun that has no article:

  • There is no reason for you to quit your job.
  • There are no apples in the basket.

As AndreasWitnstein states, "I am no seller" is an emphatic construction which does not mean "I am not a seller".

In the 1988 US presidential debate, Lloyd Bentsen put down Dan Quayle, stating:

  • I served with Jack [John] Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine; and you, sir, you are no Jack Kennedy.

When Lloyd Bentsen said You are no Jack Kennedy, he meant You are not like (comparable to) Jack Kennedy.

Factually, Dan Quayle is not Jack Kennedy, so obviously Lloyd Bentsen couldn't say You are not Jack Kennedy.


Great examples, awefulwaffle!


How would you translate the English "I'm no salesman" (meaning I'm not very good at it) to German? Also, how would you say "You are no Jack Kennedy" in German?


My German is not advanced enough to answer your question.

However, the German version of the Dan Quayle Wikipedia page includes the original English and a German version. As well, Der Spiegel and other German language websites contain the same German version.

I don't know whether the German version conveys the same meaning or has the same effect as the English version does.

Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy.

I knew Jack Kennedy.

Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine.

Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy!

Senator, ich habe mit Jack Kennedy zusammengearbeitet.

Ich kannte Jack Kennedy.

Jack Kennedy war mein Freund.

Senator, Sie sind kein Jack Kennedy!


Thanks, awefulwaffle, for going to the trouble of looking that up!


See -Drigo-'s reply to mehrdadrkh.


OK. English needs an "a" before the coccupations. So "I am not a seller" is correct english. "I am no seller" seems, word to word, the nearest translation of "Ich bin kein Verkäufer". But isn't it weird english ? Its's always my question...


“I'm no seller.” is an emphatic construction meaning “Contrary to expectations, I am not a [very good] seller.”.

A related “weird” English construction is “I'm some seller!”, meaning “Contrary to or beyond expectations, I am a [very good] seller.”.


"I am no salesman" means that (even) if I am employed as a salesman I am no good at it. If someone suggests that I might become a salesman then it means that I would be no good at it as I do not have the right personality or skills for it. If you are standing in a store and someone comes up and starts asking you questions because they think you are a salesman then you would say "I am not A salesman". You could perhaps say "I am NO salesman" but this would rarely be said because it quite rude and would only be said to show annoyance at the mistake of the other person.


Why doesn't 'I am not a cashier' work?

[deactivated user]

    I am not a cashier = Ich bin kein Kassierer (male) / Ich bin keine Kassiererin (female)


    "I am not a seller" is not accepted why :(


    Why is "I am not a dealer" wrong? In a previous exercise merchant was accepted for Händler. Merchant and dealers are very much the same thing.


    What's the difference between einen Verkaeufer und einen Haendler?


    Ok so I looked up the definition of both.

    Händler is more like someone who sells specific goods/wares. For example, I make soap and sell it. I am a Seifehändlerin. But you wouldnt call a shop assistant at the grocery store a Händler. They would be a Verkäufer. Or that is what I gathered from my searching.


    My answer was "I am not a sales person", rejected as salesperson is one word - new to me, but Word accepted it, so it must be right!


    When I translated Verkäufer as seller it told me it was wrong, but here it insists that it is a correct translation, why?


    Doesn't Verkäufer mean "merchant"? Or is just shop assistant?


    So on the previous exercise where the sentence is "Er ist der verkaeufer," and I translate it as "He is the seller," I'm marked wrong. But here, as a listening exercise, "Ich bin kein Verkaeufer" means "I am not a seller"?! Really? So Verkaeufer both means and does not mean seller. Got it. Cool story bro.


    I am no seller should be accepted


    Now, ' verkaufer = seller ', and before it equaled ' salesman '. Report...

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