"Cosa vuoi per pranzo?"

Translation:What do you want for lunch?

April 2, 2013

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"What would you like for lunch?" Seems perfectly correct to me, but not to Duo...


I translated this incorrectly as you did.

I think the problem is that would like is a conditional tense of to want in English. In Italian the conjugation for the verb volere in that case would be vorresti instead of vuoi.

Side note: Since it is so commonly interchangeable in English, I never really considered that it was a different tense of the same verb.


Not sure, but perhaps Italian has a subjunctive that would be translated like that, so that vuoi is really only 'you want'.


Absolutely! I was always taught to use 'like' instead of 'want' in a question like this.


Absolutely. And much more polite in English!


So, they still haven't changed this. The answer given by DL might be technically right but it is not proper English. I've reported to accept the answer as stated here.


While I agree that in English it would be more proper to translate this as "what would you like," I think in this case for the sake of learning it is important to differentiate "cosa vuoi" from something like "cosa ti piacerebbe" which is what "what would you like" would directly translate to.


Io voglio una tortilla alla cipolla, pollo croccante, insalata e salsa ranch. Grazie


Vuoi, states it can be "you want" or "would like" in the drop down, why am I marked incorrectly then for using "would like", either sound like the correct answer.


I agree, is more polite "would like" than "you want"


True, but in English if we're talking to family or friends to ask "do you want...?" is perfectly normal. It would seem rude if you were talking to a stranger, but since the familiar form "tu" is used in this sentence, don't see a problem with it. I may be wrong, but I think just to use "do you want" in the polite "Lei" form, wouldn't be particularly rude either.


pranzo is lunch and cena is dinner


Is not the Italian word "vuoi" the plural form of you? I believed so, and for this reason, translated the sentence as, "What do you all want for lunch." Duolingo said my translation was incorrect. :((


The form plural of vuoi would be volete.


the plural form of "you" is "voi" :)


I said "What do you for lunch?" And then when it marked me wrong I thought, "whaaaaatttt???" Then I realised what I had done, I always do thatttttttt, whhhyyyyyy??? Anyone else feel my pain?


Why have i lost a heart by translating this as what would you like for lunch? It is the same as saying what do you want for lunch.

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