"Ibu menyalakan kompor untuk memasak sup."

Translation:Mother turns on the stove to cook soup.

October 19, 2018

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Cook soup can also be written as make soup


I've suggested "Mother lights the stove" as that's how one turns on a gas stove, and I see "menyalakan" can also mean the verbs "light" and "ignite".


'Mother lights the stove to make soup' is a correct translation, imho, and so I have reported it. Most stoves/hobs in Indonesia are gas/spirit and so are lit, rather than switched on. In British English 'cook' and 'make' are interchangeable in this context. The main thing, of course, is that the Indonesian is understood!


And - three months later - reported again!


can I say 'memasakkan sup' here?


I'm not sure, but I think for memasakkan here you'd need something like "memasakkan saya sup" (to cook me soup) or "memasakkan sup untuk saya" (to cook soup for me)

My understanding of the me- -kan construction is "do thing for [person/purpose]"

Menyalakan works here as "light the stove for [the purpose of cooking soup]"

"Memasakkan sup" would need a receiving purpose/person for that action. "Cook soup for [?]"



Couldn't this also be "She turns on the stove to cook soup."?

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