"Pagar ini merupakan perbatasan antara rumah saya dan rumahmu."

Translation:This fence is the boundary between my house and your house.

October 19, 2018

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"merupakan" in this context could also be translated as "constitutes"


In a different skill on a lower level I got it wrong because you aren't supposed to use the suffix "-mu" and the more formal "saya" in the same sentence. Now it is suddenly allowed, and even encouraged?


Merupakan can also be translated as 'forms the'


Border or boundary is same right? Border is wrong.


Same word in Bahasa Indonesia, but in (British) English, a border relates to larger geographical entities, such as countries, regions or (perhaps) large cities, whereas a boundary would be between smaller geographic entities, such as towns, villages, farms and the land on which a house is built.


The correction is telling me:

You have an extra space. This fence is the border between my house and yourhouse.

Obviously this is a typo and there should be a space between "your" and "house", so that it doesn't trigger the "extra space" notification.

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