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"Pagar ini merupakan perbatasan antara rumah saya dan rumahmu."

Translation:This fence is the boundary between my house and your house.

October 19, 2018



"merupakan" in this context could also be translated as "constitutes"


In a different skill on a lower level I got it wrong because you aren't supposed to use the suffix "-mu" and the more formal "saya" in the same sentence. Now it is suddenly allowed, and even encouraged?


Merupakan can also be translated as 'forms the'


The correction is telling me:

You have an extra space. This fence is the border between my house and yourhouse.

Obviously this is a typo and there should be a space between "your" and "house", so that it doesn't trigger the "extra space" notification.


Border or boundary is same right? Border is wrong.

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