hey !!! My name is chamsse and I amn an otaku and kpop and gamer girll !!!!

October 19, 2018

13 تعليقًا

hey, it's serine , i'm also a k-poper from Algeria

which city in algeria ?! Me sidi bel abbas?!!

ouargla, nice to meet u

me too but i am not kpop i am just otaku and gamer girl

oooh !!! cool naice to met you

hello chamees my name is hahsem AND I learn speak English

hello chamsse i am an otaku and boy gamer me to nice to meet you

thank you and glad to meet you I'm So happy to talk with you

do you have a accont of facebook ??! if you have one give it to me.

اوهايو!! أنا أوتاكو مثلك تشرفنا

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