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"Táłʼidgo doołʼizh"


October 19, 2018



Should be tátłʼidgo dootłʼizh


From what I've seen here, it should either be "tátłʼidgo dootłʼizh" or "ch'ilgo dootł'izh".


The word covering blue and green is misspelled. It is dootl'izh with slash l.


This color is incorrect. It is ch'ilgo dootl'izh. The pair t and "l" with a slash sounds like a click. It is a hard t and d combination sound. This is green- it means color like the grass. I have never seen tal'idgo for green!


In another thread, a commenter said that "tátl'id" means "moss" as in river moss, etc. He also said an alternative word for "green" is "ch'ilgo dootl'izh" -- thank you for your observation about grass: I am now thinking the one is "moss green," while the other is "grass green" . Fascinating!


Wiktionary seems to have a handle on this: tátłʼidgo dootłʼizh means "agae green," ch'ilgo dootłʼizh technically "plant green," bearing in mind that dootłʼizh is a broader color word that includes everything from the English "green," "turquoise" and "blue." Just curious how far in that spectral direction it goes -- is the color violet also covered by dootłʼizh?? Also note that Wiktionary (and some commenters here) insist on the added t, in both táTłʼidgo and dooTłʼizh. Dialect difference?

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