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"leng chaw'lIj vIlegh vIneH, qaH."

Translation:I want to see your passport, Sir.

October 20, 2018



Why is there no 'e' (or net)? If one is optional why would one ever bother with them?


neH is the only verb that doesn't use the 'e' pronoun. All other verbs require it.


The standard sentence-as-object construction requires 'e' or net, but none of the exceptional versions do. The exceptional versions include using neH as the second verb, quoting speech with jatlh or ja', and using rIntaH after the verb instead of using the -ta' suffix.

neH not using 'e' or net is not an absolute, either. In Star Trek VI, Azetbur delivers a line, 'e' neHbe' vavoy That's not what my father wanted (literally, Daddy didn't want that). It is speculated that she used an 'e' here because she was referring to someone else's sentence and needed some kind of object to hook onto.


Glad there's at least one example of {neH} in the "want" sense with an {'e'}. I had been wondering whether there might be a way to disambiguate a situation where he or she wants to merely do something, or if someone wants only that thing.

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