"Kapan Anda lulus dari perguruan tinggi itu?"

Translation:When did you graduate from that university?

October 20, 2018

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"when do you graduate from that university?" could this be accepted as well? is there anything in the Indonesian sentence that indicates past tense?


Yes, that is exactly the meaning, because no tenses in Bahasa Indonesia.


I think "When do you graduate [...]" would be "Kapan Anda akan lulus [...]", as "akan" explicitly indicates future tense. Because there is no "akan" here, past tense is implied, as present tense doesn't make any sense.


Just 2 questions back, in the same sentence lulus was passed and wisuda was graduated. Now lulus is also graduated?


Wisuda is like ceremonial for graduation.


Duolingo continues with the translation but a perguruan tinggi is NOT the same as a university! It is lower level. University = universitas.


okay, I know that /akan/ doesn't appear in the question, but given the context-sensitive nature of questions and the fact that verbal tense isn't required to be marked in Indonesian, couldn't /When will you graduate from that university?/ also be an acceptable translation sometimes?


will is translated as akan, so you need to add that. Kapan anda akan lulus dari perguruan tinggi itu?" But when will you and when did you are different in meaning and so in Indonesian writing. In speaking it can be used as you did. Because you (might) know if the one you ask the question is (still) studying. Indonesian has a lot to do with context.

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    Lulus vs wisuda?

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