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October 20, 2018

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For the word: Hágoóneeʼ. The available accent symbols do not have the symbol for: eʼ ---- so, I could only write: hágoóneé - which is wrong - I could not report because there is no option for missing accent symbols.


eʼ is two different letters (an e and a glottal stop). You can use an apostrophe for the glottal stop. As Cassandra said, it might tell you you have a typo, or offer "another correct solution" that is identical but with the curly glottal stop, but it will accept apostrophes now (it looks like it didn't before).


I put an apostrophe after the second "e", and it said I had a typo...


I love that Navajo is a Beta language here, but you need to add lesson tips for those of us who are starting from nothing. Please.


No good without audio.


Just wanted to see what people thought of the beta.


I love it, but you need to add lesson tips.


Why is there no sound? How do you pronounce this word?


I put hágoónee' (with an apostrophe after the last e) because there is no other way to make it look like it should. It marked it as correct, but said: Another correct solution: Hágoóneeʼ. (I copied and pasted that). Anyway, doesn't that look identical to what I wrote? No way to report this either...


No ‘'’` when you hold down the apostrophe, the pop up menu returns with those four choices and none of those are the same either. You can add a keyboard for Navajo to your list to choose from. “Dinee bizaad”


There are several Navajo words that are correct some times and other times not yet I type it the same way each time? I know it has to do with the accent marks but there is nothing else available.?


This word was indicated to mean goodbye on a previous exercise. The Navajo word for goodbye has not been introduced yet.


Why does GBoard Navajo render it as: hágoóne'e? Typing is easier if it were consistent.


Please! June 2021 in Beta. We need audio to know what this orally based language sounds like. If anything is happening, please focus on adding audio.

If nothing is happening, please announce this. If nothing is happening, I bet Mark Charles would put the word out.

My SF Bay Area California tribe is reviving our language. AICLS supports the effort. This is my interest.

Many thanks.


I couldn't access this page.


How do you get the navajo keyboard?


If you're using an Android device, download GBoard. Then click on Languages and Add Keyboard. Scroll down to Navajo and add it.


You can get any language keyboard through Settings on phones. You can get it through Control Panel on Windows.

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