"Mikuki yao"

Translation:Their spears

October 20, 2018

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Has anyone worked out why this is in the N/N nouns lesson as they all seem to be M-/Mi- nouns and it gets very confusing as such?


It might train us not to forget that other classes also exist :) But on the first level I'd also prefer the N/N words to remember that they are y/z (yangu/zangu) and all that.


I know all knowledge is useful, in context, but of the many many words that I need to memorize to be able to communicate how often does spear come up in daily Swahili conversation? Just curious why Duo felt this word and not, say, computer or cellphone, would be something that I need to learn now.


Preconceptions/prejudice I guess. In the French class it would be baguettes! Casual racism is the worst!!!


The m/mi class does not have as much words as n/n, so they have to take several examples related to „plants and similar objects“, that was the main reason I guess.


Question ...their spears.... answer...mikuki yao.....and that's wrong... ! Correct answer should be...mikuki yao ! Hey what's happens here in your app

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