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  5. "Píšeme teď knihu."

"Píšeme teď knihu."

Translation:We are writing a book now.

October 20, 2018



I feel like my answer of "we write a book now" should have been accepted :(


Why do you feel like that?


While I am not a native English speaker my understanding is that the tense of present progressive (He is writing a book) is used when someone is doing something right now/at the moment. Thus, it is not necessary to add the word "now" on top. Instead, thevword now used in Czech should be the indicator to use present progr. In English...


Not to worry, this is not a problem, and it is very often done. Some common everyday examples: The baby is sleeping now -- It is raining now -- He is preparing dinner now -- I am at the dentist now. (I am a native AmE speaker.)


I (non-native speaker) understand the present continuous as a description of something happening in the current time. Saying "I am writing a book" can mean for me both that I am sitting at the desk with a pen in my hand as well as something like "I started some time ago, the process is ongoing, end is expected in another month - but at this very moment I am enjoying a BBQ with my friends. The word "now" clarifies to me that the first option is the correct one.


I'm a native English speaker, and I've seen a few of these present simple / present continuous debates— it's my opinion that both should absolutely be accepted, in all cases. Sure, the present simple may be less common in many cases, but it's absolutely correct (and in some instances, necessary, especially when the activity is being discussed as a present activity but isn't actually happening). For instance, if I were proposing a schedule for the day with a co-author, I might say "Why don't we write the book now, and get lunch after." Or, if I was a daycare instructor and naptime was beginning, I might suggest to a coworker that "Zofie sleeps now" even if she is not presently sleeping.

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