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replacing streak with goal

i sent this question to support a week ago and still have gotten no response, so i'll post it here: i was at one point offered the option to replace my streak with a goal, i declined to do so, may have changed my mind (i at least want the option), and now i can't find any page on the site to let me do that. i would expect to find it under "settings," but it's not there. does anybody know where it is?


May 9, 2014



For iOs:
Courses (upper left) -
Edit (upper right) -
Edit goal -
Set a Daily Goal


Wow - that was hard to find. Thanks!


ah...so there's no way to do it on the website? i guess that's been my problem.

this industry-wide trend toward migrating everything useful off of computers and onto iDevices is...a hindrance to using one's computer.

thank you.


Your welcome, and you are right, it is only available on the mobile apps

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