"Raj did not eat anything."

Translation:राज ने कुछ नहीं खाया।

October 20, 2018

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what is the meaning of ने. the hint does not say


It's part of the past tense construction.


and when do you use it? It is not used in every instance.


You use it with transitive verbs. Verbs that act on an object. Like eating something or reading something. It's tricky to figure out. I guess you figured it out by now. I'm two months late to the party.


And I'm much, much later here, but in case anyone is interested, ne appears to be the ergative marker. That is to say that with transitive verbs (only in this past tense, unlike some other ergative languages), what we think of as the subject is really marked with this ergative case and what we think of as the object is sort of marked as the subject, so the verb agrees with it for instance. This ergative construction is a really interesting feature of languages like Basque and Georgian, and it appears to be found in the Hindi past tense.


Thanks for the helpful explanation.


That's very helpful, thanks!

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