"25 cents"

Translation:naaki yáál

October 20, 2018

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I typed it in exactly as it was written and it still didn't accept


The same here!


I have no mo lingots


I got through by doing "naaki ya'a'l"


i have tons of lingots to give you xD


If anyone is curious what's going on here from a technical standpoint, it seems the contributors entered "naaki yáál" using "a" with a combining acute accent (U+0301) instead of using the precomposed character "á" (U+00E1).

From the system's standpoint, the "yáál" on this page actually contains six characters, not four. If for whatever reason you want to recreate this six-character string, you could open e.g. Word and type y a Alt-769 a Alt-769 l. Then if you copy and paste that, it'll match what's in the system. Of course you can also just copy and paste from the top of this page :) And others have offered other workarounds (I also tried "naaki ya'a'l," which worked for me).

If I'm correct about the above, the ultimate fix will involve a contributor adding "naaki yáál" with the precomposed characters to the database. I requested that be done here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34092656.


The correct answer based on what youve written is ya'a'l and indeed it works, see below.


This is amazingly helpful! Thank you piguy3!


Even when I use the Diné bizaad keyboard plugin to input my answer, Duolingo still marks my answer as wrong.


Sarah287826, Even though the usual report button will not accept helpful feedback like this, it can be reported to https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Thank you for commenting on this issue.


Thank you. This is so completely frustrating.


I finally used a different "a" and it counted it as right but said "Pay attention to accents!" Ended up using the "ą́" insted of the "á"

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Thanks your idea works


Tip: as per my experience in the Navajo duolingo course, when the lesson won't mark your answer correct despite using the correctly accented á, it will count it as correct if you add an apostrophe after it. In this case, naaki yáál becomes naaki yaa'l and will be accepted as correct. Super frustrating I know, but I hope this helps!


The á symbol used in this word isn't able to be overcome with a regular keyboard. If the format is fixed this language would actually be able to be learned by people who want to learn it.


ChaseHenri: Some of the symbols used in Diné bizaad (Á,á,É,é,Í,í,ó) are the same as in Spanish. So for those, one may search online for "How to type Spanish accents" and use such a table to type those characters. As for the others, I have no work-around yet. There are several downloadable Navajo keyboards, but I haven't tried using them yet. Obviously it would be more convenient if a format for characters were used in the lessons that is similar to that used in Spanish lessons, but including all the special characters of Diné bizaad.


I typed it in as, "Naaki ya'a'l" and it works.


Hello this is the correct answer you have to do a'a'. There is a technical explanation above. This is also the 'right' answer for other similar problems, like the word for onion earlier in the course. If you actually read the lengthy explanation you can probably get through simar problems elsewhere.


My answer is identical to the answer they give, yet it alwas says my answerf is incorrect.


I am having the same problem of my answer being marked wrong even with the Spanish keyboard á. Frustrating.


I have also typed in the correct words and accents several times now (on June 10th, 2019,) and it repeatedly says it's wrong. Now I can't continue on to the next study level.

Duolingo, will you correct this mistake?


Whenever I was asked to translate "25 cents" I would use "cut and paste," which seemed to be the only way to get it to accept the correct answer. (using a Samsung tablet).


This is the only thing that keeps me from completing everything in the Navajo series, because it never accepts the correct answer. This is very frustrating.


wow somehow it accepts naaki ya'a'l


I typed the correct answer with the correct punctuation and marked as incorrect. Reported 5.10.19....if you use naaki ya'a'l it works..


My correct answer was not accepted


crazy that ill never be able to beat navajo even i type exact answer


Even when using á (from keyboard) and á (copied from an orthography set on the Navajo Language) it simply doesn't work..


I just tried typing in what KRYSTALMIR11 posted below and it was accepted as a correct answer, but it says "pay attention to the accents."


25 cents spell correct, but keep coming up wrong answer


I typed it in exactly as it was written and it was saying it was incorrect


Naaki yáál - what is wrong?


It will not accept the correct answer. Can someone please correct this.


Hi Penny, ya'a'l will be accepted but marked as incorrect punctuation...hope that helps..


I've typed this in exactly as it's written mutiple times and it still will not accept the answer.


I copy and paste the answer because it never accepts the correct answer. Very annoying


Come on Duolingo, this is exactly correct and is marked wrong. Who's editing?


naaki yáál should be accepted - why doesn't Duo recognise this?


Same here, I was hoping they'd corrected by now - 2 weeks


Why didn't it accept my answer? Its spelled exactly the same.


I type the exact wording


correct answer still not accepted 26/02/2020


Been spelł it correctly biy say wrong is it stuck


It appears that "naaki yáál" is now accepted as a correct answer, which is progress, but I get told to pay attention to the accents (Duolingo seems to think the answer should be "naaki yaal").


Are they ever gonna fix this course? It´s so shoddy.


"Something else went wrong": When I wrote "naaki yáál" DL says "watch your accents," underlining a "corrected" yaal WITHOUT accents. (the hover hint correctly includes the accents). Yáál is correct, and yaal incorrect, right? Reported.

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