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"Tu manges le fromage italien."

Translation:You eat the Italian cheese.

April 2, 2013



Si tu es francais, pourquoi manges-tu le fromage italien?


Parce que c'est meilleur. =)


I didn't put "the" and I was still correct. Is that correct?


I don't think so. "You eat Italian cheese" would be "Tu manges du fromage italien."


Can someone confirm this?


I confirm. "Le" (la/les) is used 1) for a specific piece of cheese, or 2) for (Italian) cheese in general, like in "J'aime le fromage italien." (= you like all Italian cheese). If you're only pointing out that you're eating Italian cheese, it would be "Je mange du fromage italien." "Je mange le fromage italien." could be in a situation where you had to choose between several kinds of cheese and picked out the Italian one (option 1 above). Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong.


Yum Yum !! :D


You are eating Italian cheese still not accepted June 18


You are eating the Italian cheese or you are eating the cheese from italy are correct too.


why is it manges instead of mange?


Because second person singular (tu) ends in -es.


I translated this as "You are eating Italian cheese". It said it was incorrect, and should have been "You are eating the Italian cheese." But I don't understand why. Would "You are eating Italian cheese" be "Tu manges du fromage Italien", and "Le" is the same as explicitly saying "the"?


Yes, that's exactly it. "You are eating italian cheese" is "tu manges du fromage italien" while "tu manges le fromage italien" refers to a specific cheese. A possible context could be that one person bought an italian cheese, put it in the fridge and later finds someone else eating it. And now I need a snack... ;-)


You DO NOT need the article in english


I had this as a listening exercise. I kept typing "tu manges de fromage italien" and it kept saying that I typed in English not French and making me try again. I had a word wrong, but I definitely wasn't typing in English!


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤! i typed french

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