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  5. "Du'IHchoHmoH mIvvam!"

"Du'IHchoHmoH mIvvam!"

Translation:This helmet suits you!

October 20, 2018



How come it's Du'IHchoHmoH rather than Du'IHmoH? I know Du'IHmoH has been used in the past for saying something "suits you" but I think my translation into "makes you beautiful" was also accepted.


This sentence appears in The Klingon Dictionary:

Du'IHchoHmoH mIvvam This helmet suits you.

The idea is that the helmet causes (-moH) a change (-choH) of state from not beautiful to beautiful.

The trouble is, of course, that -moH already implies some kind of change. TKD says it means "the subject is causing a change of condition or causing a new condition to come into existence."

It isn't always done this way in TKD; there you'll find HeghqangmoHlu’pu’ it made him/her willing to die and HIQoymoH let me hear, both of which involve change some state. And you have lots and lots of -moH words in the dictionary part that have no -choH in sight.

This combination of -choH and -moH occurs less frequently after TKD, in all other canon. TKW, for instance, has quvHa'moH vav the father dishonors [them] and SeymoH QeH anger excites. Power Klingon has DabochmoHchugh if you shine [it], vISay'nISmoH I must wash [it], and qabelmoH'a' do I please you? all of which involve changing states but have no -choH.

So Okrand has waffled on the use of -choH this way. The course should accept translations both ways. I don't know if it does.


The version without -choH has now been added as an accepted translation.

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