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  5. "Vidíš ta prasata?"

"Vidíš ta prasata?"

Translation:Do you see those pigs?

October 21, 2018



my answer, "Do you see the pigs", was not accepted


A mistake on our part, apologies! Some mistakes are bound to happen when working on a new tree...


no problem! thanks for the reply


Etymology information:

'Prasata' is plural of 'prase' from Proto-Slavic 'porsę', from Indo-European 'pórkos', the same root as Latin 'porcus', whence English 'pork', and Proto-Germanic 'farhaz', whence English 'farrow', and Dutch diminutive 'varken', whence also 'aardvark'.

[deactivated user]

    is this because prasata is neutral?


    Yes, prasata is neuter.


    "Can you see those swines?" would also be OK?


    "Swine" (both singular and plural) meaning "pig" is both an older term and one that is currently used in a more professional vs. everyday sense -- as, for example, in "swine flu" or "domesticated swine." If you used it, you would likely be understood, but it would sound odd in conversation, except in certain settings.


    I am not exactly sure about the exact usage of "swine", the usual collocations style and so on. So I do not know. There is a Czech cognate "svině" that has the same derogatory meaning and is much less used otherwise (but it does happen).

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