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  5. "Pasang ini di sini."

"Pasang ini di sini."

Translation:Put this on, here.

October 21, 2018



The missus keeps arguing that pasang means set up. Anyhow, put on this should also be accepted.


"Put on this" sounds like bad English to me.


Google Translate says 'install this here' but Sederet (https://zzz.sederet.com/translate.php) translates it as 'put this on here'. So does 'pasang' mean to 'put on' as part of an installation process rather than 'put on' as in dressing, which I believe would be 'pakai'?


Have you received an answer ? please help !


No, and frankly I'd forgotten about it! Doing a bit more searching, this is the link to KBBI - https://www.kbbi.my.id/kata/pasang, which adds to the confusion because there is no mention of the use of 'pasang' as a verb. From the meanings given, my best guess is that 'pasang' is to do with assembling or setting up, and 'put this on' in the answer is used in the context of attaching or joining. Hope this helps.

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