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"Does Torg understand English?"

Translation:DIvI' Hol yaj'a' torgh?

October 21, 2018



i wrote the correct answer: Dlvl' Hol yaj'a' Torgh and still marked it as wrong.

September 13, 2019


When that happens, make sure to report it using the flag and mark it as "my answer should have been accepted." You can also take a screen shot and put a link to the screen shot with any questions you put in these sentence discussions.

However, in this case I see what your problem was and don't need any of that. You are using lowercase L instead of uppercase i. It's confusing in Duolingo's font, but if you look carefully (in the Duolingo app or web page, probably not in your email), you can see the curl at the bottom of the l (lowercase L) that is not at the bottom of the I (uppercase i).

September 13, 2019


i feel like a complete Ha' DIbah... seconds after I typed my message I noticed the difference between the I and the L... my apologies

September 19, 2019



DIvI' Hol yajbe' torgh

October 22, 2018
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