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  5. "Who is your grandpa?"

"Who is your grandpa?"

Translation:ʻO wai kou tūtū kāne?

October 21, 2018



grandfather: kupuna kāne

grandpa: tūtū kāne

grandpa: kūkū kāne

grandpa: tūtū

grandpa: kūkū

grandmother: kupuna wahine

grandma: tūtū wahine

grandma: kūkū wahine

grandma: tūtū

grandma: kūkū


'O wai = Who

Kou = your. My, mine, of me (o-class possessive).


Maybe beta doesn't recognize the ‘okina on my device? Huawei Mate 10 Pro


It doesn't like the regular apostrophe (some Hawaiian speakers object to the use of a common grammatical mark as a letter of their alphabet). If you hold your finger on the apostrophe, does it pull up some additonal options including a rotated apostrophe that looks more like a 6?


Do we use "Wai" only in questions?

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