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  5. "Doq norgh 'ej wovbe'."

"Doq norgh 'ej wovbe'."

Translation:The norg is brown.

October 21, 2018



Are Klingons colorblind?


No; they just distinguish between fewer basic colours than English speakers do.

Stereotypically, English-speaking men have fewer colour terms than women, not using words such as “chartreuse” or “lilac” or “peach” — not because they are incapable of seeing colour or of distinguishing shades, but because they do not consider such fine distinctions relevant.

Klingon is similar; the basic colour terms are just two: Doq for “warm” colours (red, orange, brown) and SuD for “cool” colours (yellow, blue, green). Plus chIS “white” and qIj “black” which are not colours per se.

It’s not that they can’t tell the difference between green and blue, but it’s more like how many men see no point in distinguishing between “teal” and “cyan” if “blue” will do,.


No. Though there is speculation that they cannot see purple since they don't have a proper way to describe it.


Is {Doq norgh 'ej wovbe'} the same as {Doq norgh 'ej Hurgh} or would those be different colored Norgs?


Some of the color terminology is confusing and inconsistent. I think that mostly we've tried to stay consistent with canon usage. I think both of those terms have been used for Brown in canon. The following link is for the best summary I've seen of Klingon color terms: http://klingonska.org/ref/color.html


Thanks for the link, makes things much clearer :)


norgh Doq 'ej wovbe'


That would translate as, "A red norg and it is not light." The part before the 'ej is not a complete sentence.

The standard way to use the more complex color terms in an adjectival manner is to put -bogh on both of the verbs: Doqbogh norgh 'ej wovbe'bogh


I wish colors had it's own duolingo section.


Maybe we should consider that for tree two if we ever get out of beta.

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