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  5. "DaH Doqqu' ghopwIj 'ej wov."

"DaH Doqqu' ghopwIj 'ej wov."

Translation:Now my hand is pink.

October 21, 2018



I answered "Now my hand is bright pink." I can't seem to piece together the reason that is incorrect. Would someone please deconstruct this sentence? This whole new way of thinking of colors is very challenging (but fun!). Thanks!


Doq ghopwIj = my hand is red/orange (somewhere on the spectrum of brown through red and orange, stopping just short of yellow).

Doqqu' ghopwIj = my hand is especially Doq, so in the more red middle of the above spectrum.

Doqqu' ghopwIj 'ej wov = my hand is Doqqu' but also light, so a light version of red. Light red is called pink in English. The question also accepts light red/bright red/pink/very red.

So I suppose the short answer is that -qu' + wov made Doq --> pink, but nothing made it bright pink. I don't know what paint chip a Klingon would bring you if you asked for it to be Doqqu' 'ej wovqu', but I imagine it would be closer to the one you would retrieve for bright pink than would be the one the Klingon called Doqqu' 'ej wov.


Your starting with "Doq ghopwIj" and then adding the other pieces of the puzzle one by one makes perfect sense to me. The "-qu'" and "wov" used together is exactly what threw me off. Thank you for the excellent explanation! (And for the amusing image I now have in my head of my encountering a Klingon employee in the paint section of our local hardware store!)


DaH wov Doqqu' je ghoowIj.


wov and Doqqu' are verbs and so you cannot use a noun conjunction to connect them.


All adjectives are verbs?


Klingon has no adjectives. Many of the ideas that are adjectives in English are actually verbs in Klingon:
tIn "be big"
Quch "be happy"
Qatlh "be difficult"
chIS "be white"

To use these verbs adjectivally, you place them after the noun they describe:
Duj tIn "a big ship"
tlhIngan Quch "a happy Klingon"
Qu' Qatlh "a difficult task"
raS chIS "a white table"

It is also possible to use a noun as an adjective, in which case it goes before the noun it is describing such as tlhIngan Duj "a Klingon ship".

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