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  5. "Doqqu' ghopDu' 'ej wov."

"Doqqu' ghopDu' 'ej wov."

Translation:The hands are pink.

October 21, 2018



Doq covers red, orange, and associated shades. Doqqu' means very Doq, and focuses on the redder part of that range. Doqqu' 'ej wov means very Doq and bright and means you focus your attention on the reddish part of the range and lighten the shade.

Hence, pink.


It seems that klingons view the "warm" spectrum (Doq) as having brown at one end and orange at the other. So being "very warm" colored (Doqqu') narrows it to the red in the middle. And light red (Doqqu' 'ej wov) would be what we call "pink".


The ancient greeks thought the sky was bronze because of sunset/sunrise.


If I wanted to say something like "If the light is pink, don't touch it", where would I insert -chugh


Doqqu'chugh tamghay 'ej wovchugh, yIHotQo'!

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