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"This is a tool to fly a plane."

Translation:Ini adalah alat untuk mengemudikan pesawat.

October 21, 2018



Would it be strange or incorrect to say: "Ini adalah alat untuk terbang pesawat."?


Hmmm...the problem is the English sentence, which is (imho) not an accurate translation of the Indonesian sentence.
The English sentence should actually be: "This is a tool to steer an airplane."

"kemudi" (noun) = steering wheel.
"mengemudikan" (me-kan verb) (causative verb) = to steer, to drive, (to fly in this sentence, since it is an airplane).

KBBI definition : https://kbbi.web.id/kemudi

mengemudikan/me·nge·mu·di·kan/ v
1 memegang kemudi
(untuk mengatur arah perjalanan perahu, mobil, pesawat terbang, dan sebagainya)

"mengemudikan" = "to hold the steering wheel", "to control the direction" (of a boat, car, ship, airplane,etc...)


Ah, I see. Thank you for the clear explanation.


The explanation is clear but no answer on your question if terbang is possible. I would like to know as well.


How do you distinguish betw using Terbang vs Mengemudikan ?


I believe i answered this question identically to the answer but it judged it incorrect.

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