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"Ŝi ŝatas Sudamerikon pli ol Nordamerikon."

Translation:She likes South America more than North America.

October 21, 2018



I don't think this speaker is accenting the right syllable on sudamerikon and nordamerikon. She seems to be hitting it one syllable early. Or is it me?


Hmmm, tricky. With long words, many speakers have a secondary stress when they pronounce them. The primary stress should be on "RI" in both words (nor-da-me-RI-ko. sud-a-me-RI-ko). She correctly does this. She also seems to be putting a "secondary stress" on "nord" and "sud" - perhaps to show that there is a contrast between the two words. One could argue that her primary stress isn't as clear as the secondary stress. I'm not saying that, but I could be convinced.

There's probably something else to be said about whether secondary stress is appropriate in Esperanto. The "contrast" bit, is not to be overlook.

  • Mi estas malkontenta.
  • Kio? Vi estas kontenta.
  • Ne, mi estas MAL-kontenta.


I hear ˌSudaˈmerikon and ˌNordaˈmerikon, not ˌSudameˈrikon and ˌNordameˈrikon


She is not wrong.


Suppose that's why so many people are fleeing and illegally crossing into the south, right? =p


The voice doesn't work, you can not hear anything.


Please help spread the word that when there is no sound, this is a Duolingo issue. There is nothing that the forum participants or even the Esperanto course team can do about it. Support supposedly knows, but it may be helpful for learners to continue to file bug reports so that they know it continues to be an issue and that people care about this.

To file a bug report, go to support.duolingo.com

To hear Esperanto go to Esperanto Variety Show on YouTube.


Interesting, the sound worked for me, though I'd run into some Esperanto problems a while back. But mostly at the lower levels.

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