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I finished my first tree in Duolingo!

I have been using Duolingo for less than two month now, and just finished my first ever tree. Hurray!!!! But now what? I'm knew to this, so I don't know exactly how the levels work....

I want to ask you guys: What's the next level after completing a tree, and what do you do to get there? Also, do you recommend any other sources to improve your language skills besides Duolingo?

October 21, 2018



You can get everything to crown 2, then crown 3 etc

The lessons are slightly different as you go up the crowns. This would also reinforce the words learned, chances are you didn't retain it 100% first time through.

Or you could attempt the reverse tree if that is available. Portuguese to English, assuming you just did English to Portuguese.


Merkavar, Have a lingot for posting it for me. I appreciate your posts and attitude. From, Cat


And I appreciate that kitten listening to music. I'm guessing he's listening to Beethoven or Brahms, but I'm just basing that on the expression on the kitten's face. So, have a lingot from me!


Congratulations! good achievement. My advice

  1. Complete your tree to Golden, helps refresh all those skills and stuff.

  2. Try reading stories, found in the lab section or often free ones of Amazon, or Olly Richards from IWTYAL does some good books if you google his spanish for begginers

  3. italki is a good place for language exchanges, if you do a search on the forum you'll find lots of speaking resources.

  4. Plan a trip to a Spanish speaking country if you can


You mean to Portuguese speaking countries. :)


Thank you all for the information! I didn't know the total crowns where more than 400!! I have a long way ahead of me haha. But anyways, I've decided to Golden all my skills and then do the reversed. My native language is Spanish, so I will reverse Portuguese to Spanish...Once again, thanks a lot.


Wow you did that really quickly, had you done any Portuguese before? It took me 503 days to get up the Romanian tree, which was mostly at the red/orange level, so I have a long way to go before getting gold... though I do do Welsh alongside it and I did start to revise by rusty schoolgirl German... which started confusing my Romanian, so I'm sort of breaking that for a bit as the genders are different, and I started muddling the two (not Welsh yet as it's so way different to the other too).


Yes but I only have a crown per skill instead of five. I'm working on having every skill in gold now


Hi! Great accomplishment. Did you finish it with gold levels? If not it seems a lot of work still lies ahead.
I like Memrise's courses also. And this source is great for improving listening skills https://lyricstraining.com/pt/.


hi can you tell me what is tree in duolingo i am new user


All the topics/skill in a course on your "Home" page are called tree even it is not layouted as such anymore.

I heard and I had seen screenshots from a much older Duolingo version where the skill ordering indeed looked like a tree.


"laid out" ;)

tem um lingote.



Você pode terminar todos os niveis das coronas. A repetição é clave para a retenção!!

Você tem solamente 99 de 457 coronas, o meins de 25% des niveis. https://www.duome.eu/Claudia583428/progress


As I've expressed before, Go for the gold, Claudia, and then reinforce everything with a reverse tree. In my own experience, I learned Spanish, Italian, and French, all from English. Now I'm reinforcing my Italian by learning English from Italian, and believe me, you pick up and retain a lot more. Eventually, I'll be doing the same thing with Spanish and French. Congratulations and good luck!


Oi Claudia,


What is your native language?
What previous Romance languages have you studied?

You can practice RECALLING words in Portuguese (English->Portuguese) on the Memrise web portal; but you would need to install the Tampermonkey browser addon and user scripts for a better integration support (Memrise by default uses multiple choice, not full typing, etc.).

Sorry, I have not seen a Memrise course for our updated tree; not ALL vocabulary might be included.

Q: Have you used the www.duolingo.com web portal (=typing) or a little bit of "binge learning" with tapping on the mobile app?

  • 2) It's time to re-strengthen your skills and what you have previously learned and level up your L1 skills to higher crown levels: https://www.duome.eu/Claudia583428/progress

  • 3) If you haved exclusively used the mobile app:
    You should review the "tips and notes" on the web portal for each skill (this is one big advantage about this very good course)!

If you know German:

  • 4) I like the Portuguese->German course (reverse tree for me as a German native speaker) pretty much; it also gives me a good (higher) ratio of typing in Portuguese even on the lower crown L0-L2 (L3?) levels AND it teaches me NEW vocabulary and different sentences.

  • 5) My EN->PT course (like yours) unfortunately does not provide me the promised full typing and high translation ratio from L1 English->L2 Portuguese even on higher crown L4 + L5 levels for the first four (basic) skills.
    This hopefully improves further with the other grammar and verb tense skills...but I do not really expect this to be happening.

  • 6) There is a NEW Portuguese->English (updated) course with many skills and lessons:
    It would be very helpful to be forced into typing in Portuguese.
    If you add this course, we can check which version you got (the old - like me - or the new one).

Yes, you can (theoretically) do 2-3 courses in parallel and switch between them back and forth on www.duolingo.com (built-in support for a quick "course changer") on a daily basis :-)

I would want to give you the advise that you do not focus for too long exclusively (only) on your forward EN->PT course; not that it is bad...actually it is a really good course and it will help you when you review grammar notes, re-strengthen grammar skills, level up those four Subjunctive (and other verb tense) skills so you can efficiently focus on the more difficult Romance / Portuguese grammar stuff....

But with all the technical limitations of the Duolingo platform, code and algorithms by itself you will not QUICKLY push forward learning how to type/write in Portuguese....even after the introduction of crown levels....Memrise will help you with that a bit!

If you want to use www.hellolingo.com or www.hellotalk.com an text chatting in the next ~6-12 months, you may want to specifically train this.


But please take your time as well!

My old EN->PT tree (69 skills) took me ~1 year to get it completed - BEFORE the crowns were introduced this year.

12 months / 69 skills = 0,17 * 91 skills = ~16 months (if you want you can do a re-calculation based on lessons ;)).

You might want to invest further ~8-10 months or at least 3-6 months in this course depending how easy you can retain and recall all the learned words or verb conjugations.

However you need to keep in mind:

The sooner you practice Portuguese writing in a reverse or laddering tree (e.g Portuguse->French, Portuguese->Spanish), the better!

For me the good thing where my Memrise courses (PT BR Basic, PT BR 1-7, Duolingo, etc.) as I had stopped my reverse tree(s) again.


  • 7) If you start laddering trees in Romance languages:
    It probably would be an advantage if you practiced your forward EN->PT tree or a reverse tree for at least 1,0-1,5 years.

Of course this will greatly depend on your previous knowledge with Romance languages.

If you start too soon, you may get confused because of all the language similarities!

Congratulations again on your success, your owned golden owl and I wish you much fun for your further mission!

Muitas saudações / Best regards / Viele Grüße


Congratulations! Merkevar put everything nicely. Have a lingot for the speed with which you finished your tree! Love, Cat


Great job! I would reccomend Tinycards, it is a free spanish app. I just started using it, and I love it!


Tinycards also has other languages and slang terms you can learn as well! I also use quizlet to make my own flash cards and terms I struggle with, etc.


Congrats on finishing the portuguese tree!

For other sources besides duolingo there's Memrise.com.


Congratulations! You should 1. make your tree golden; this is a huge amount of work. It helps to put words you don't know into Memrise and practice them separately. 2. Then do the reverse tree Good luck!


Hi Claudia! Congratulations on completing your first tree!

Here are a few things I recommend and that I've heard others recommend:

  • Make all your skills golden (get them to level 5)
  • Do the reverse tree (the Portuguese to English tree)
  • Watch YouTube videos teaching Portuguese, Portuguese shows, news and easy-to-follow videos
  • Reading books in your target language helps ALOT
  • Do the Duolingo stories (if you aren't already!)

Good luck!


Cangatulations claudia must be sooo proud


nyc english es para aprender un poco de ingles


You could make your tree golden, and then do the reverse tree which is one of the best ways to get better at Portuguese


congratulations, right now i´m trying to finished the english tree with all the units in gold and yesterday i started the russian course. i hope don´t mix both languages. best regards for you

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    Hooray for u!!! :D

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    Complimentational Shirley !!!

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