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"bItlhutlhnIS'a'? HISlaH. jItlhutlhnIS."

Translation:Do you need to drink? Yes. I need to drink.

October 21, 2018



Some languages (e.g., Russian) don't have a word for 'thirsty.' Instead, if you are thirsty, you'd say "я хочу пить" ('I want to drink'). I was wondering, seeing this sentence, if Klingon didn't have a specific word for 'thirsty,' and one had to say it this way. However, boQwI' tells me that 'oj means "to be thirsty," so I'm guessing this is just a sample sentence, and if you're thirsty, you'd just say "jI'oj." Could someone please confirm?

October 21, 2018


Yes. You would use 'oj to say you are thirsty and this sentence would be used for other implications. Perhaps they are discussing the fact that we will die without fluids. Or perhaps the second person is alcoholic. Or perhaps the second person is thirsty, but the only water available is nasty.

October 21, 2018



One more tangential question, more cultural/social in nature, since we've kind of led up to it: I've heard a lot of people say (in other languages, here in Klingon, for example): jItlhutlhbe'. This can sometimes get funny looks, because in English, it means "I don't drink [alcohol]." But some other languages don't have this connotation, and it sounds as if they are saying "I don't drink [anything at all]." And clearly, everyone drinks some fluids, so the sentence sounds odd.

So, my question is, if I were to say jItlhutlhbe', is it understood in Klingon that we're talking about alcoholic drinks? Or, does one need to say HIq vItlhutlhbe' (HIq being the most generic term I can find for alcohol in general)?

Thanks again, in advance!

November 6, 2018


No one answered, because (shh!) there isn't a "real" Klingon culture out there that we interact with, and the topic hasn't come up in canon, so we don't know for sure. Klingons are presented as having a hard drinking culture, where water is shunned, so not drinking at all almost implies not drinking alcohol. To me jItlhutlhbe' implies that I'm so stoic that I don't drink at all, and it's so easy to add the single syllable and say HIq vItlhutlhbe' that that is the way I would recommend you say it.

July 31, 2019
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