Translation:Táłʼidgo doołʼizh

October 21, 2018



Why two words? Does "Táłʼidgo" mean green on its own?


Tátł’id means moss, as in the river, etc. Tátł’idgo, -go is a subordinating enclitic. Tátł’idgo dootł’izh. The color green is also said as "ch’ilgo dootł’izh."


Unsure if they allow links, so not going to post.. However, there is a good break down on youtube by daybreakwarrior about how to say colors in the navajo language who says that doołʼizh means both blue and green, so that's the actual color. So like saying "blue/green", but to specify which you have to say which like "plant blue/green" or "algae blue/green" which both mean "green" in English. For blue, you say "sky blue/green" to mean blue in English. He doesn't do the "blue/green" thing, but that's how I see it in my head currently. How he explains orange meaning "really yellow" was really interesting also. It's a fascinating language.

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