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"Send this message to ten friends."

Translation:Pošlete tuto zprávu deseti přátelům.

October 21, 2018



"Pošlete tuto zprávu deseti kamarádům." should be accepted here as kamarad is acceptable usage for "friend", while "přitel" is often used for "boyfriend".


It is acepted. But your reported answer said dvaceti.


I thought that when using a number equal or higher than 5 we use genitive plural. in our case přatelů could someone please explain the grammar to me


An example to what VladaFu said:

  • NOM: deset(NOM) mužů(GEN) - ten men
  • GEN: dům deseti(GEN) mužů(GEN) - ten men's house
  • DAT: dám to deseti(DAT) mužům(DAT) - I'll give it to ten men
  • ACC: vidím deset(ACC) mužů(GEN) - I see ten men
  • LOC: o deseti(LOC) mužích(LOC) - about ten men
  • INS: s deseti(INS) muži(INS) - with ten men


That is correct (although the correct form of gen. pl. is přátel), but that is when the whole "deset přátel" is in nominative or accusative. When it is in dative, both words are in dative.

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