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Are there any plans to expand the Japanese Language Tree in the future?

I have been having a quick look at the content of the lessons in the Japanese language tree and thought that there could be many more lessons involving grammar (which is so extensive!), vocabulary, and perhaps even kanji (maybe similar to how it's done on Memrise). Although I realise that it is impossible to cram such a broad and complex language in one app, of course!

I studied Japanese for 10+ years and lived in Japan for several years, so I thought I would like to contribute somehow if it is still possible! :) (I am fluent)

I am not sure who to get in touch with but feel free to message me if you need more moderators / contributors / translators / volunteers!


October 21, 2018



Hello Charles! We're working on Tree 2.0 as we speak. Please apply if you have at least a few hours per week to contribute. We're looking for people who are skilled, passionate about teaching Japanese, and in it for the long haul :D


Hey Luke!

That's really great to hear! I hope that more people get the chance to continue expanding their knowledge of the Japanese language :)

I read the threat that testmoogle posted about the recruitment of more contributors - I must say, I am not sure I have 10 free hours to spare per week but I am very active on Duolingo everyday so hopefully that will at least help a bit too!

My background is not in linguistics per se but I have studied languages since I was very young and I do have a good understanding of how the grammar works, so hopefully that will do :)

I will apply during the weekend! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Cheers x

[deactivated user]

    I applied to incubator! よろしくお願いいたします!


    I know many qualified people have offered to be contributors, but I also know as @Usagiboy7 says, it's the single most expensive course to program. I can believe that.

    I know they're working on it, and the corrections, because I keep getting "your answer was accepted" emails, and I see Luke's occasional posts.

    Looking forward to the new tree, and thanks to the volunteers for all the hard work.

    [deactivated user]

      I'd like a Katakana mini-tree like Hiragana has. It's a bit inconvenient having Katakana placed throughout the more extensive trees, makes memorising them more difficult.


      Currently in the incubator it seems that the course only has two contributors so I'm sure another will be greatly appreciated to lighten the load. Luke_5.1991 posted an update about a future tree 2.0 project about a month ago


      Although you'd think they'd be very keen for more contributors to join and help out, I don't know if that's actually the case. It seemed like a number of decent people applied when the Japanese course team posted the following discussion thread four months ago:

      The Japanese course is seeking two new contributors!

      Before that thread was posted, on the incubator page we had four contributors listed (Hideki, MHagiwara, Junko, Luke). They didn't take on any new contributors. I don't know whether anyone who applied even got a response as I've not seen anyone mention that they received one.

      In the four months since that thread, all that seems to have happened is two of the four contributors we had have disappeared from the list. Hideki disappeared about a month ago. Now Junko has disappeared too. (I hadn't seen that Junko had disappeared until you mentioned it.)

      I really hope the list of contributors shown on the incubator page is incorrect. Who knows though? I can't imagine it will be quick progress with only two contributors for a language like Japanese. ^^;


      Hideki and MHagiwara are staff members, Junko and Luke are volunteers.

      The Japanese course is the single most expensive course Duolingo has produced and half of the entire staff team at Duolingo worked on it in some capacity. The Japanese course is not fully compatible with the Incubator, unfortunately. It means that some errors cannot yet be fixed. The good news, however, is that yes more will be added to the course. That was, in part, what Luke was brought onto the team for. He is actually one of the newer contributors. ^_^ I don't have any other information outside of that though.


      Yep. All stuff I'm already completely aware of, but that's some nice extra background information to go along with my comment. ^^

      The good news, however, is that yes more will be added to the course. That was, in part, what Luke was brought onto the team for. He is actually one of the newer contributors. ^_^

      Although Luke is the newest contributor, he wasn't one of the "two new contributors" they were seeking. It was Luke himself who posted that thread I linked to.

      Around six months ago, ayakita disappeared from the list on the incubator page. This brought us down to three contributors. Then Luke joined five months ago, bringing us back up to four contributors. A month later, Luke then posted that thread seeking for two new contributors.

      Still, the incubator page might be showing incorrect information. For all we know, maybe all eight past and present contributors are still on the team. There haven't been any announcements to say that any of Kippis, Moeka, Ochancoco, Ayakita, Hideki, and Junko have left. It's only their disappearances from the list on the incubator page that shows they might no longer be on the team.

      (On the other hand, when Luke commented earlier he didn't say anything to correct what Swisidniak said. So I guess the incubator page is probably correct about us currently having only two contributors.)

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