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  5. "I have a mother."

"I have a mother."

Translation:Shimá hólǫ́.

October 21, 2018



I can't seem to figure out how to add the underlying nasal tone to my keyboard for the answer.


I can't figure out how to make the last letter


I wrote the verb the way it is at the top of this discussion, but was told I had a typo and the correction5 was given as " holoʼ ". In a previous sentance saying " I have a father ", this " holoʼ " was used. I reported it, but I am wondering if the two different versions are related to gender.


I have a multilingual keyboard that was free and has Navaho. The last ǫ́ is made with the same key as the first ó, and then you add " ̨ " which looks like a backward comma. It automatically prints the lower mark in the same space so it is attached, " ǫ́ ". On my keyboard, it is the last key next to the "m".


Every time this character appears I have to follow that procedure?

I was doing all the other accents, despite their overwhelming frequency- after all, French has a good many accents which I committed myself to learning... but quite frankly this format is borderline absurd. Let me be clear, I'm not now, nor would I ever say that Navajo is absurd, (if I believed that I wouldn't be here being frustrated). The lack of audio and the lack of being able to type the required characters with any amount of relative ease, renders this beta course almost useless as a means to learn Navajo. Based on all the comments I've read, and my own personal experience, I believe that Duolingo should do one of two things: Exclude words with characters that can't be typed with relative ease.

Or Pull the course until it is actually ready for public use.

We owe the Navajo the respect they deserve, and that begins with honouring their language.


There is an accents/ letter bank at the bottom of the page. I salute DL for including an endangered language like Navaho. I do look forward to some sound files though, it is difficult to learn any language without knowing how it should sound.


same. this is ridiculous


Why is "Shimá bee hólǫ́" incorrect?

Edit: "Bee" is "she/he has", so doesn't belong in a sentence about something "I" have. I'm leaving this comment up in case anyone else makes the same mistake I do.

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