"Let's return the key."

Translation:E hoʻihoʻi kākou i ke kī.

October 21, 2018

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E hoihoi kāua i ke kī should be accepted since they did not specify how many people they are referring to.


I just tried "E ho‘iho‘i kāua i ke kī", and it was accepted (21 May 2020).


Would this be correct? "E hoʻihoʻi kākou i ke kī.":

  • E - To
  • Hoʻihoʻi - Return / Put back
  • Kākou - Everyone / All of us
  • I - In / At / On (Location of)
  • Ke - The
  • Kī - Key

So "E hoʻihoʻi kākou i ke kī" would be literally translated as "To return, all of us, (location) at, the key" - which is then simply "Let's return the key."

Hope that helps and makes sense :-)


"e" is an imperative marker to indicate that the following verb is a command. It appears that "i" is used to mark the object of the verb, so I wouldn't translate it with a locative preposition, but I'm still trying to figure out the pattern here...


I answered: E ho'iho'i i ke ki. The correct answer listed was: E ho'iho'i kaua i ke ki.
There was no indication of how many people so my answer should be fine. I could have used kaua, kakou, makou, olua, maua etc., etc. but my answer was just as correct.


I think I got why its wrong, just an assumption because of how all the other sentences worked. Hawaiian NEEDS a personal pronoun in imperatives. Although the dual doesn't exist in English we basically say it when saying: Let's bring back the key. (Let us bring back the key) Therefore we have to indicate a person when making an imperative statement.


Actually, I think something else is going on here (although I'm happy to be corrected). I also got it wrong, but I think the reason is that E ho'iho'i i ke kī is "return the key," meaning "you," not "us." I've written other second-person imperatives like that and had them marked as correct, with alternative correct answers given as , e.g., E ho'iho'i 'oe i ke kī.


Is there a difference between kāua and kākou? The amount of people maybe?


yes, kaua (you and I) vs kakou (more than one person and I)


Kaua or kakou , either should be correct. There os no indication of how many people.


The "correct" answer is exactly what I typed, but it was rejected.

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