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In Beta in general -

What is the procedure for a language that is now in Beta such as Navajo ? Will new topics be added to the tree, and if so, is there any time frame for that ? For example, i finished the tree about two weeks ago and of course i can repeat the lessons to stay sharp. But how do the language lessens change and approx when ? Or will the whole current tree be deleted in lieu of a new one when the Navajo comes out of Beta to where we will start over with new lessons, or what ? Thanks for any info on this, i'm still kinda new here.

October 21, 2018



It isn't clear what will happen with Navejo since it was released as a mini-course, that hasn't happened before. In the past the courses have already been reasonably complete when they were released. They were released into beta and would stay there until the rate at which bugs were reported fell below some threshold; that meant how long they remained in beta depended on how active the team looking after the course were in fixing bugs.

Extending the course is a separate thing; many courses have had a revision, a 2.0 version; this means that new lessons were added and some of the existing lessons rearranged into different skills. When that happens you retain your existing progress, that is the lessons you have already completed are still marked completed, but you no longer have a golden owl for completing the course since there are now additional lessons for you to do.

Usually the 2.0 version doesn't appear for a couple of years after the original. Hopefully that will be different in this case!


Thank you for the great reply and for including everything i was wondering about. hmm I hope the Navajo lessons are expanded asap of course, but on the bright side it is wonderful to see anything at all for it. It may be more difficult than other languages to make lessons for because it is/was largely an oral language with not much written down ? There seemed to be a nice response here on this site from native speakers of Navajo who came forward after it was released in beta, and who had not contributed to the original lessons. Perhaps with this increased awareness more people can contribute to expanding the lessons. Thanks again for your informative response, Conor.

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