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How do I see if anyone replied to my posts?

How can I see if anyone replied to my post from the sentence discussions on the exercises?

Where can I see all my previous posts and the people who have replied to me?

October 21, 2018



Hi. DuoLingo should send an automatic email to you if someone replies to your post. Also, if you're on a computer you can click on the 'Discussion' tab to the right of where is says 'DuoLingo', and when the 'All Topics' window appears click on 'Followed'; you should see a list of every sentence you've made a comment in.


You should see this. The follow discussion automatically appears for anyone who comments, but the original author, you, should get a message on email if you listed it when enrolling in Duolingo. Previous posts remain and you can see them each time someone comments. I am not aware of any way to access them all other than remembering which ones you made unless you keep the Followed tag ticked.


I have the same question

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