"मैं शराब नहीं पिऊँगा।"

Translation:I will not drink alcohol.

October 21, 2018

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Alwayw the first lie of a funny evening ^^


Every sobers dream


Can someone comment on the form पिऊँगा? The entry for पीना in Wiktionary has पियूँगा for this form (in fact, for पीना, य is added to the end of the stem for all future indicative forms.


(Copying my comment to you from another discussion for the benefit of any others who might stumble upon this one and have the same question)
पिऊँगा and पियूँगा are just variations in spelling and are interchangeable.
The alternate spellings ए/ये and ऊ/यू (and even ई/यी, ओ/वो/यो, etc) in many words are due to pronunciation differences (both regionally and based on individual choice). Some people really don't like pronouncing two vowels one after the other in Hindi (remember that Hindi does not have diphthongs) which is why they insert the य/व consonant in between. Others find the pronunciation without inserting the consonant as more natural. So, both spellings are in vogue even in writing.


Thank you so much. Why, then, in the English to Hindi variant of this question (see here), was पियूँगा marked wrong? I reported it.


Alternate spellings have to be individually added in every sentence so it's likely the contributors missed this one. Good that you reported.


I won't drink wine


Alcohol is more of a general term than wine.


Hahah again!! This should be accepted right?


Alcohol is more of a general term than wine


What is the difference of alcohol and liquor? I put liquor and wrong answer...


for those of you who are typing using the latin-hindi character keyboard, did you have trouble spelling पिऊँगा ? every time it comes out as पिंगा, although I typed "piungaa". can't seem to get this spelling to come up. Any ideas?


Try 'pioonga'. Just a suggestion and I don't know if it'll work.


Both "piunga" and "pioonga" work on my latin hindi keyboard to produce पिऊंगा. Though, i did originally need to click on the correct spelling in the suggestions, as it would autocorrect to different words (पाऊंगा, पीऊंगा, पिंगा, पायूंग, etc). So maybe thats what was going on in your case.

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