"I do not want my food to be shared by you!"

Translation:Saya tidak mau makanan saya dibagi oleh kalian!

October 21, 2018



'Saya tidak mau makananku dibagi oleh kamu' is marked as wrong. Is there a mismatch between 'saya' and 'makananku'?

October 21, 2018


They should not be mixed (saya and aku, ku being the short form of the latter); although they often are in informal contexts.

October 22, 2018


I also tried 'saya tidak mau makananku dibagi oleh anda' which should have worked. I've reported it. Usually, you want to stick with saya and anda or aku and kamu, depending on the formality, but I often heard 'ku' put at the end of something for ownership even with 'saya' and 'anda', but that was probably less formal. I don't think I would ever use 'mu' for ownership with anda though.

January 23, 2019
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